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Old About Us

The perfect cup of coffee, at home

‘Powered by coffee’ is how we often refer to ourselves, and we (used to!) enjoy a coffee shop visit… but that can be an expensive habit.

We wanted to enjoy great-tasting coffee at home, but every time we searched and shopped it got more and more complicated.

Our curiosity about coffee kept us looking, surely it couldn't be that complicated!

We tried all the brewing equipment. We found that to be the simple bit. Follow our simple brewing guide and you can too.

But choosing the coffee, we didn't know where to start, and we couldn't afford to travel the world to find out!


We now work closely with an independent coffee roaster in the UK, to source a range of fresh coffees for you to enjoy. They are the experts, and we trust them. 

We offer a subscription service to help you maintain your coffee habit and enjoy regular, convenient deliveries straight to your door. 

If you prefer to manage your own supplies, you can order individual bags of coffee at any time.