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Curious Coffee Subscriptions

A Curious Coffee monthly subscription will ensure you receive freshly roasted coffee straight to your home or office every month.

Choose your own coffee adventure, or let us choose for you.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by simply sending us an email.

How would you like to receive your coffee?

Would you like whole beans, or ground coffee?

How much coffee can you drink?

Choose how many bags of coffee you need each month. One 200g bag of coffee makes approx 25 cups.

Which coffees will you choose?

Choose your mix of coffees from across our range, or let us choose them for you!

Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription
Coffee Subscription

Curious Coffee

Coffee Subscription

Wholebean or Ground?

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Choose your coffees from our range:

House Blend

A blend of Arabica beans from Huila, Colombia; Costa Rica and the Brazil Daterra Estate. Sweet and nutty with subtle fruity acidity and notes of caramel, peanut, and hazelnut. Certification: Rainforest Alliance. Strength: 3/5

House Blend - Decaffeinated

Gently decaffeinated beans from Brazil. Delicate and balanced with low acidity, heavy in body and sweet with nutty notes of chocolate. Certification: Swiss Water Processed. Strength: 2/5


This single-origin coffee from Ethiopia is delicate yet full-bodied in flavour, with balanced acidity and sweetness. It has distinct citrus notes. Certification: Fairtrade and Organic. Strength: 2/5

Kenya Peaberry

High citrus fruit acidity with notes of pink grapefruit and green apple. Medium-bodied with a light floral aroma. Strength: 2/5


Medium-bodied with syrup like mouth feel. Nutty flavours and fresh citric fruits sweetness. Certification: Fairtrade, Soil Association Organic. Strength: 3/5


This medium-bodied coffee lets you enjoy a well-balanced taste with chocolate notes and a hint of vanilla in the after-taste. Certification: Fairtrade, Soil Association Organic. Strength 4/5

Costa Rica

This single-origin coffee from Costa Rica has a medium body and mild nuttiness. Clean and sweet, with notes of caramel, sugared almonds and a slight biscuit taste to the finish. Certification: Fairtrade. Strength: 4/5


Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about our subscriptions

  • Can I pause or change a subscription?

    Sure! Just send an email to and we can make any changes you require, whenever you wish to.

  • Can I buy a coffee subscription as a gift?

    Sure - you can select a different delivery address at the checkout.

    If you would like to include a message with the first delivery, just send us an email and we can personalise your order for you.

  • How much coffee should I order?

    Each 200g bag of coffee makes approx 25 cups. You can order from two to six 200g bags of coffee per monthly delivery... if you need more, please get in touch!

  • Will my delivery fit through my letterbox?

    All two-bag orders will be sent in letterbox friendly packaging.
    For more than three bags per order the package will be a small parcel and unable to fit through a letterbox.

  • Is postage and packing included in the price?

    Yes, the price of your monthly subscription already includes postage and packaging.

  • Do you deliver internationally?

    Unfortunately we can only deliver to UK addresses.

  • How much money do I save?

    When you purchase a regular subscription, you save 5% per 200g bag of coffee.

  • Can I get a regular delivery of one-cup coffee bags?

    Yes! Head to this page for one-cup coffee bag subscriptions.