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Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere
Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere

Barista & Co

Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere

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Have you been struggling to achieve a velvety smooth fresh coffee? You can now enjoy quality and full-bodied coffee in the comfort of your own home, at your office, or on your outdoor adventures.

The Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere Coffee Press is made from high grade 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass. It is absolutely plastic-free!

The reusable stainless steel filter ensures that your coffee is thick and velvety. It is undoubtedly the most sustainable choice for coffee lovers.

It is ergonomic with its large glass handle specially designed to make it more comfortable to hold when full with hot coffee.

You can also load it into the dishwasher. The filter is super easy to remove and clean. The whole body of the press is very durable and the stainless steel base protects the glass from breakage.

It can pour from any angle with its 360-degree design to ensure that the pour is controlled without the need to align and realign the filter. Super comfortable to use anywhere you go!

Enjoy and share your smooth and velvety coffee with your favourite people!


About the brand

Barista & Co started as an idea in 2011 while drinking an iced coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Sat at that street café, founders James and Louise watched people take a moment for themselves or to talk with those around them. All brought together by a coffee that was crafted with simple tools as it had been for many years. On returning to the UK, James and Louise combined their love of coffee with their experience working in the retail sector and made Barista & Co a reality.

An old tradition from the Italian city of Naples was to order your normal coffee but pay for two providing a caffe sospeso, or suspended coffee. This act of kindness was then passed on to someone less fortunate who could enjoy a coffee on you.  Every time you buy a Barista & Co product they give a coffee to the homeless or less fortunate.  

Also, every product purchased from the Teal range triggers a donation to Project Waterfall, a charity who bring clean water, sanitation, and education to coffee-growing communities across the globe.

Barista & Co calculate their carbon footprint on an annual basis and with Trees for Life, a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands, plant 4 trees for every tonne of carbon used.


Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere

Barista & Co 3-Cup Cafetiere