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Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack
Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack

Curious Coffee

Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack

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The Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack gives you the opportunity to try Fairtrade coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

Fairtrade was started in response to the dire struggles of Mexican coffee farmers following the collapse of world coffee prices in the late 1980s. With Fairtrade, certified coffee producer organisations are guaranteed to receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their coffee, which aims to cover their costs of production and act as a safety net when market prices fall below a sustainable level.

When you choose Fairtrade coffee, not only can farmers build a better quality of life for their families and communities, they can invest in growing better quality beans too. Fairtrade coffee farmers invest at least 25 percent of their Fairtrade Premium in improving productivity and quality.


Ethiopia (Whole Bean)

This single-origin coffee from Ethiopia is delicate yet full-bodied in flavour, with balanced acidity and sweetness. It has distinct citrus notes.

Strength: 2/5

Costa Rica (Whole Bean)

This single-origin coffee from Costa Rica has a medium body and mild nuttiness. Clean and sweet, with notes of caramel, sugared almonds and a slight biscuit taste to the finish.

Strength: 4/5


This pack includes two bags of coffee - one Ethiopia and one Costa Rica.

Each bag of 200g fresh coffee beans will make approximately 25 cups of coffee. 

You will require a grinder and brewing equipment to enjoy fresh coffee beans - please take a look at our range if you do not already have these items.


Discovery Pack Price: £10 (Saving £2. Purchasing these items individually would cost £12). 

£3.99 for postage & packaging cost (per delivery) will be added at checkout.


Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack

Curious Coffee Fairtrade Discovery Pack