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House Blend - Ground

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A blend of beans with a pronounced sweet aroma and taste from the Daterra Estate in Brazil; a complex, juicy Colombian with a cocoa finish; and syrupy sweet beans from 7 Costa Rican cooperatives.

Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Species: Arabica
Varietal: Mixed
Processing method: Mixed- natural and washed

Growing notes:

The Brazilian coffee is grown on the Daterra Estate, one of the largest coffee growing estates in the world. While most Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees have to be shade grown, Daterra is located in an area where the natural vegetation is grass, low trees and shrubs. The coffee has to be planted in tight rows and grown in the sun. The high temperatures and high altitude as well as a defined rainy season, creates the perfect conditions for sustainable Arabica coffee.

The Colombian coffee is grown in the northern parts of the country and comes from EXPOCAFE based in Bogota, and our Costa Rican coffee comes from the CAFECOOP and is grown at very high altitudes in clean, crisp mountain air.


The Zabu Coffee House Blend is Rainforest Alliance Certified and is a great mix of Brazilian, Colombian and Costa Rican, 100% Arabica beans.

The Brazilian coffee is the base to our blend and it brings body and depth of flavour.

Our Colombian coffee is from EXPOCAFE, an organization working with a number of co-cooperatives and has been chosen to bring fruitiness and acidity to the blend.

The Costa Rican coffee from CAFECOOP, a consortium of 7 well established Costa Rican cooperatives, each comprising hundreds of individual farms, brings sweetness to our blend, balancing out the body and depth of the Brazilian and the acidity of the Colombian.

The combined blend produces a coffee that is good to drink at any time of day – or night.

**By adding this product to your order you will receive one 200g bag of Zabu Coffee. This is a one off purchase. Delivery is NOT included in the price and will be added at checkout.
    House Blend - Ground

    House Blend - Ground