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Single Origin: Papua New Guinea

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Well balanced cup, full bodied and sweet with a winey acidity. High notes of tropical fruity flavours coming through with a clean finish and a long dark chocolate after taste

Certification: Fairtrade and Organic
Varietal: Moubesse
Processing method: Wet processing, Sun drying

Growing notes:

This coffee grows in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, called Okapa between 800 and 1700 metres above sea level. The coffee is shade-grown preserving the lush jungle. Legume shade trees replenish nitrogen in the soil for the coffee plants to use and peanut ground runners do the same as well as aiding in weed control.


Previously unavailable to the world due to the inaccessibility of the region, but we are now able to offer some of the most exclusive wild-grown Fairtrade certified coffee available.

The shade growing provides natural habitat and food for local wildlife as well as a vital haven for migratory birds.

This plantation represents the fi­rst reliable source of ethical trade to this isolated region. The impact of a reliable, accessible road cannot be understated. It has now literally paved the way for coffee growers to sell their coffee at reasonable prices and provide access to improving education and health services and a brighter future for these highland families.

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Single Origin: Papua New Guinea

Single Origin: Papua New Guinea